Portal to happiness

Complete reset of the past in the present


This book is the first offering in a new series of thematic books, activating and embedding you in higher vibrations immediately. Each book is always prepared in a special way, so that it will happily stay with you forever.

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You hold the key

When you understand that you hold the key to your own projections,
you will never again be a victim of your beliefs.
You don’t need any external guides,
when you wake up from this dream
of your own separation
from the Source of all creation.
You are the Creator who decodes your personality, which you
have recognised as your only identity. That which is named
and known is a narrowed perception and can only create further
bonds. When you desire freedom, it knocks on your door and you
open it, turning the key with joy and anticipating the New. The
New will appear when you invite other options of reality to manifest
in Form.
Your key is Consciousness,
which observes all this variation and diversity.
Of course, every gateway to happiness is illusory, for there is no
distance between you and Heaven. Paradise lost, is only a dream
and eventually every traveller will awaken from the limitations
of a programmed person.

Breathing this moment

Breathing this moment, you disappear for the sake of artificiality
and the desire to validate yourself in the eyes of others.
Perfection is obvious,
when you do not put into a template
what is observed.
You rise above these names, dates and guilt. You are the Breath of
God and in Him disappears this arrogance of the prodigal son and
the patheticness of the abandoned daughter.
When this moment is the only one,
the breath opens the gates of Heaven.
Heaven is the Silence of interpretation and comparison.
It is the House of God. It is within us.
I reset and release any dependence on being in the mental division
of time that keeps me trapped in not finding a way out.
I am totally committed to this very moment and I breathe it
consciously, joyfully. I choose the real me, instead of all these
identities with anything.

Lost in desires

When you get lost in the many desires of the Mind,
you finally find yourself
in the fulfilment that comes from the centre of the Heart.
Desires are the production of the belief that you lack anything.
In this feeling you will always be hungry, thirsty, unappreciated,
The feeling of being lost in this world full of temptations
and possibilities
is the beginning of another desire,
to break free from it.
Desire itself is the belief that you must perfect the present moment,
some kind of further conquest. Unfortunately, if you focus on satisfying
the mental aspiration, you become a slave to its constant commands. This vicious cycle of repetition is finally stopped when
you awaken from your devotion to that which is not real.
If you are lost in darkness,
eventually the light will appear,
as a result of turning to it.
You can leave any information field if you find that it is no longer
relevant to you.
I reset and release all programs responsible for generating desires
that lead me away from the real source of happiness within me.
I recognise the difference between preferences and qualities I
want to fulfil in this World, and the artificial and destructive desires
of an unsatisfied mind which job is to constantly distract
me with its illusions.

Fleeing from own Power

Those who flee from their Power/God’s Power
into the unknown, unrecognized quality of being i
n this unconsciousness,
continue to suffer and tortured by this artificial isolation
they miss the opportunity for their awakening.
The pain seems to cover these other options, and yet in this suffering
there is a base from which you bounce and jump straight into the
arms of infinite Love.
This Love spreads the wings of Power
and you fly above the old qualities.
A total reset of uploaded thoughts and a happiness that turns out to have
no particular reason, yet is so obvious. Those who run away are still chasing
themselves, not noticing this paradox.
I reset and release all programs navigating me to escape from my
true Power, which is that Divine expression within me. Behold, I undivided
and free put myself to be in truth.
I choose the Power of Love as the background for all scenarios in this
life and open to all its manifestations, freely and lightly.

About book

152 pages

A New Era of human experience has dawned. A man freed from the lies of systemic limitations. A man awakened from illusory cages, fears and conditional happiness. This is NOW the moment for which we have prepared in such detail.

You may not yet remember how it feels to CHOOSE CONSCIOUSLY and to CREATE from the level of the HEART – but here you will find this lost INFORMATION. It will simply be found within you when the coded programs are exposed. There is no more to wait for. Happiness manifests in this Field of highest vibrations undisturbed by the voice of egotistical judgments. Reset your belief system and look with courage toward the Power that is manifesting with decision.

Enough of being a cog on this fear-driven board. Enough of terrorizing yourself with delusional ideas of external administrators. There is nothing that can decide about you if you don’t let it.

Your decision to release yourself from the harness of rats caged in experimenters- will release any imagined nightmare. You may believe you are separate from Life/Love, but know that there is no real separation. You are the center of All, so rise above these constructs of mental threats and emotional ties. I invite you, the Portal to Happiness is open-are you ready to leap into the unknown, yet so close?


Beloveds, the Portal to Happiness has revealed itself as a wonderful,

reminding us of our true Power, a message
that goes straight to our hearts.

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The book is published in a lovely and handy A6 format,

on chalky paper, prepared in a beautiful way,
to please all our senses and to be easily stashed in a handbag.

It is a beautiful gift for yourself and friends.

Each sentence is powerfully activating and resetting an old belief system.
Be assured that no matter which page you open the book on at any given time,
there will always be great information for that moment.

This book is the first in a new series of thematic books, activating and settling into higher vibrations immediately.

Each book is always prepared in a special way,
so that it can happily stay with you forever.

Thank you, for being and reading, opening up and changing reality

to be more wonderful and so obviously free and full of Love.

These are not just books you read,
it’s a real energy journey, a workshop, a process.
For many hours my voice and beautiful music
will guide you to other vibrational spaces.
Just put on your headphones, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath.
This energy will make you feel
instantly deeply relaxed in your body and in your Mind.
The words will naturally release programs and blockages.
This is a new kind of transformation,
that will surprise you with its intensity.

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Visionary, poet, author of many books on spiritual and health issues. She leads deep meditations and is also a teacher of conscious breathing and activates pranic awareness. She is an experienced guide for group detoxes for body and mind, and has written many other workshops. She is a friend to many, on this apparent path to Awakening….

I am here for you. In so many different ways I create this information for you to feel it in your Heart. Each word, activates within you the memory of this Truth that we share when we awaken from these dreams of separation. I cordially invite you on this extraordinary journey into the dimensions of Love and your true Power.


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