Detox for Body and Mind

The secret of health, energy and eternal youth


In the book you will find a lot of inspiration and guidelines on detox, information on raw diet, recipes for juices and smoothies, but also there is a chapter on natural body care.

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For me it was the first detox. I must admit that the first days were difficult, but later it was more and more pleasant, easier and lighter. Detoxing programs, tamed emotions, getting to know the mind. The most important for me was the feeling of lack
The most important for me was the feeling of no limitations, true unity with everything, everything is possible,
if only we want something, full freedom. It’s difficult even to describe in words – you have to
feel it. In fact, realizing the value and importance of detox for me,
I felt many days later, when I decided on two very important and courageous projects for me this year, I put together, and I give
shape of my new „profession” that I was running away from because I thought I was too
weak, unable to do it, etc. I feel and know that everything I have planned is possible. Detox is winning with myself, with my weaknesses, with my lack of self-confidence…
I truly grow wings and what is very important for me, I „feel” Nulinka very much
and I have full confidence in her. I recommend with all my heart <3.



This detox adventure is another journey into myself. It’s like a journey into the unknown. I had the impression that with every breath, moment, day, the awareness of what I was unaware of comes back. This process shows all the illusions
that man has believed – about food and beyond. This process is not about
it is not about the body (although it looks nicer and nicer – it cleanses itself beautifully, gets younger, is light and
and really enveloped in harmony), here most is happening in the mind. How it so much wants to rule, manipulate, control. A whole range of emotions appears,
but Nulinka is a master in guiding and supporting. It is a wonderful time. And I have
sense that after tasting this state once, the longing to stay returns,
and if not, at least to come back in a few moments. I feel that the heart leads, because it sees in this
lightness and naturalness. I am immensely grateful for this process.



I sincerely encourage you to take part in this profound experience. It has been
amazing journey into myself. The support of the group and Nulinka is invaluable!
The fear that accompanied this journey into the unknown, gives way to peace and trust.
Everything is slowly dissolving. At the beginning of this journey the body and recognizing its
needs, curiosity and excitement slowly give way to attentiveness, calmness and confidence.
confidence. Detoxing the body is a prelude to transforming the mind. The profound change in me
me has remained until now. There is peace and confidence in me. I eat half
of what I ate before the detox. I lost weight during the detox and then improved my weight, but I never went back to my previous weight, and the one that is
unchanged. I prefer meals in liquid form. I forget to eat. I have no
need to eat. I often drink my first juice in the early afternoon. Later, a green smoothie. Usually one solid meal a day. If at all. There is no
Anxiety. I have gained freedom and peace. When I go on a trip, outdoors, I don’t need
anything. You can not eat, you can not drink. Freedom has no price. I give in to temptation,
but consciously. However, I can control them. I am on my way. Cdn
Nulinko dear, thank you



Maybe some of you are thinking about cleansing your body and mind? I personally encourage it. Yesterday was the two week anniversary of my juice cleanse. I feel good, light,
I have a lot of energy, clear mind, peace, quiet joy in myself. These two weeks
I am in touch with my body, as if in a conscious union of Soul and Body. This detox is an introduction to the raw food diet for me. My body feels very good while eating raw food.
food. Before the detox I was thinking about bretarianism, I know it is
possible for me, but not yet. First the raw stage, juicing and therefore
deeper, more thorough cleansing, regeneration, healing of the body.
I will work with my body. This is for the moment. What will be revealed next
Other than that, it’s been fun. Sometimes it was hard, physically or emotionally, because it’s a deep process. But Nulina’s support, her experience, the support of the others, the Love of each other, the understanding… the sharing of each other. Usually after a few hours or on the second day the mood changed to joyful, there was
Generally detox is a miracle, changes are irreversible…



This was such a beautiful and opening experience! I recommend it to everyone who wants to
go deeper into themselves, feel their body and mind 🙂 For me it was an extraordinary time,
I found a balance in myself that accompanies me until now.
Meetings in groups are a wonderful energy, which was a great support, just
as well as every word of Nulina:). The days passed gently and at the same time, each day
was unique and gave a feeling of inner transformation. I recommend!



I invite you to this special time of being with yourself. Time where the body starts to breathe again, becomes light, and various beliefs and programs
fall away on their own. It’s a process, so it may be different with the mood, but the strength of
of support from Nulina and the whole group

Book details

338 pages

This book is a guide that will accompany you through every step of this adventure and will dispel any doubts. In the aura of this wonderful experience, you will discover with it, all the stages necessary to cleanse your body and mind. You will prepare for the detox and plan the first 4 weeks afterwards.

There will be a special inspiration for each day and an Mp3 meditation for each day, with the purchase of an additional option.

This detox is based on several years of experience of the author, and observation of thousands of people who have already been guided by her in this unique process. It is a true spiritual transformation, during which natural tools are used to support this extraordinary time with yourself. The body proves to be a wonderful informant when we learn to listen to it. And that is what you will learn from this book.

In addition, there are 36 recipes for natural and delicious juices, and 25 recipes for fruit smoothies you can use before and after the detox. 

There is also a „Naturally Beautiful” section where you will find lots of inspiration, information and recipes for natural cosmetics. You will learn how to care for different parts of your body and learn about the properties of essential oils. 

The whole book is beautifully published in size 21×21 cm, on glossy chalky paper, with a bookmark, the cover is soft touch with additional decorative elements. It is a real sensual work and at the same time a collection of essential information. It is a wonderful gift for friends who will use this item for many years.



You have appeared here in this space, I am very happy to meet you. You know very well that there are no coincidences. It was meant to be. Something in you brought you here so that inspiration could help you settle into the energy of health.

It’s a colorful world of conscious choices.
It’s the certainty that you don’t have to depend on the system.
It’s your Freedom from the specter of old age, disease, helplessness. Isn’t it amazing how simple it is?

The whole world is looking for a cure for cancer and a host of other diseases, and in fact, immersed in the illusion of conditioning, it fails to see the simplest solutions. It takes so little, and it is so difficult to return to your natural state of innocence, high energy and peace.

Even if a very difficult experience caused you to begin your quest, such as illness, obesity, depression, or lack of happiness and meaning in life, everything that happened acted as navigation for you to get you in the right direction. Do you want it to be easy now?

It can be if you understand that until now you have been ruled by your mind and its conditioning. You can be free from it all if you stop and allow yourself to rest.

Don’t run anymore.
You cannot be more perfect than you are.

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You’re welcome

Dear Friends, I invite you to a detox, which will bring so many changes in every area of life. Such decisions are not worth putting off for later, for the spring, for next year, for a better moment.

Right NOW is the best moment, right NOW you can transform the memory of all traumas, emotions, stories.

Right NOW in 12 days you can release and transform your body, awaken your Mind, find happiness in lightness and in conscious living.

It’s only 12 days and they will turn out to be the engine of all subsequent changes.

Spread your wings,
let the Force awaken you from stagnation and addictions!

Every revolution begins with the first step. Out of Love for each other we always do beautifully.

A tremendous amount of transformation, deep transformation and awakened physical beauty awaits you as well. Convince yourself that „aging” is just a program and the result of cell degeneration. After just a few days you will look in the mirror with delight. The glow of your eyes, smooth skin and energy emanating from your whole being.

12 Days That Will Pernamentally Change Your Life

I invite you to join me on a deeply transformative journey into yourself. Maybe this fantastic adventure is waiting for you?

– Say goodbye to compulsive eating
– Cleanse your body on juices, or juices and water
– New perception, new perspective, lightness of the body
– Stopping in the flow of life, working with the subconscious on deep levels – Transformation of consciousness regarding food-related programs.

New Life, New You!

Discover Who You Are without all the stories about yourself!

– Say goodbye to compulsions and addictions.
– Say goodbye to excess weight.
– Say goodbye to previously unconscious emotions.
– Say hello to joy, love and balance.
– Say hello to lightness, energy and free conscious choice. – Say hello to your beautiful healthy body.
– Say hello to what is natural and effortless.

Detox – recognizing inner power

Each detox is one of the links
to support our recognition of our own Power.

The enormity of transformation is a joyful consequence of redirecting our attention inward and taking care of ourselves on every level.

I invite you to a meeting with me, or really with yourself.

I am extremely honored to accompany so many people in their trans- formation and awakening to their own Power. I have observed such spectacular changes, on a physical, mental and spiritual level, that I am still deeply moved by what I see.

Let us meet in this perfect moment NOW.


Visionary, poet, author of many books on spiritual and health issues. She leads deep meditations and is also a teacher of conscious breathing and activates pranic awareness. She is an experienced guide for group detoxes for body and mind, and has written many other workshops. She is a friend to many, on this apparent path to Awakening….

I am here for you. In so many different ways I create this information for you to feel it in your Heart. Each word, activates within you the memory of this Truth that we share when we awaken from these dreams of separation. I cordially invite you on this extraordinary journey into the dimensions of Love and your true Power.


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