Abundant Mind

How to manifest spiritual prosperity in the world of matter


Abundant Mind is a powerful, activation that expresses itself spontaneously as you read and listen to this message. Nothing occurs randomly in our space, so these words were written specifically for you.

Deep within you, you recognize this content as your own Truth, or rather universal Truth, flowing from the Source of all Knowledge.

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Opowieści Any

Story I

She felt she was losing herself, she didn’t know which
way to turn. Standing in front of a mirror, with tears in her
eyes, she searched for answers. However, there was only
Silence full of resentment diffusing through the room.
— Where am I? Who am I?
— Why do I have to suffer so much?
— God, can you hear me???
— I can’t go on any longer.
The dialogue in the anxious mind seemed to last forever
and the tension in her body began to grow. She felt
more and more uncomfortable with herself… Whatever
you wish to call it, she wanted to leave this place that
seemed a prison.
— That’s it! I do not accept this life! I’ve had ENOUGH!!!

Suddenly, a strange silence filled the room.
She sensed that something had changed.
She didn’t know what it was,
but clearly she felt relaxed after saying these words.
As if a little bit of oxygen appeared in the room,
even though the window was still closed.
The darkness outside and the shadow of the trees swayed in
the autumn wind, all of it suddenly seemed unreal
compared to the sharp flare of light in her head.

— Incredible! What is happening to me?
She didn’t try to interpret this anymore, she chose to
enjoy the moment, this unusual moment that turned
out to be the ANSWER to all the questions thrown at
the dark sky. She wasn’t hoping for anything, feeling
desperate, but this unexpected wave of love calmed
this turbulent mind.
She laid on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket and with
her eyes closed, she began to observe her breath.
She heard a VOICE from within, but completely different
from the recent chatter of the scattered thoughts.
— Darling, just breathe, do not worry about anything,
everything is just fine. Stay calm and you will see why
all of this had to happen. Trust the God within you, trust
Love. When you begin to quietly Observe, then very quickly
things will turn around. Remember that every moment
is a precious gift, do not neglect something that
you don’t yet understand. This makes SENSE.
— I don’t understand…
— You don’t have to, just watch. Sleep now and a new
day will surprise you. After such a dark night, a new
chapter of life begins. This was a test, you tested yourself
and you learned that when you say ENOUGH, that is the
end. You start afresh. Only make sure to say goodbye to
all your doubts and old stories.
Sleep now…
The voice kept swaying her quietly for a while after her
consciousness flew away from that place.
— Thank you… — she whispered smiling.

Story VI

Ana was standing on the tarmac of the Faro Airport and
couldn’t understand what was happening to her. A moment
ago, when the plane landed, she heard the VOICE,
that announced clearly „This is Your Home!”. Immediately
she felt a huge shift in her body and then started shivering,
tears running down her face. When she got outside,
at once she felt how welcoming everything was!
She had never felt like this before. It was wonderful and
scary at the same time. Wonderful for her inner sense of
being finally at home, scary for the Mind that was immediately
trying to wipe off this feeling with a multitude of
questions like:
— And how are you supposed to do it? You don’t have
any money as always and you have too much to do, to
just suddenly follow the feeling of the Heart! Be real!
She looked at the blue skies of Portugal landscape and
she already knew that she would come back here and
stay forever.

She simply knew that this VOICE OF the HEART
always tells the truth
and this time she wasn’t going to repress it
with some fears from the mind.

She took a deep breath and wiped the tears.
— Here I Am, I have arrived! — she laughed, gleaming
with ease that she felt with every cell of her body. She
always felt this way when she was deeply connected
with herself.
Ahead of her was a week of retreat to reset her mind
and be in silence, but she never expected things to turn
out this way.
— It just happened! — she whispered to herself, riding in a
taxi to the ocean as she still had two more days before
the Satsang.
— God please guide me, I will never turn away from myself
again, I promise — she added putting her hands together
in a gesture of gratitude.

Opowieść IX

A young man stood in front of Ana and he offered her a
juicy mango. Her first reaction was to take a step back
frightened by the unexpected gesture of the ‘all smiles’
boy. She looked him in the eye and felt a specific
bond that we sometimes sense before our stories find
a common ground with someone.
— But you love mangos — he laughed out loud and placed
the fruit in Ana’s hands, she couldn’t keep up the false
distance anymore.
— Thank you, I do love mangos, how did you know? —
she asked a rhetorical question as internally she recognized
that this moment was a beginning of an unusual
encounter. At some level we know when a person we
have a lot in common with comes along to stay in our
space for a while.
— My name is Leo and some internal voice suggested
that it would be a beautiful gift for you and I always listen
to these clues so I followed immediately.
Ana was standing there like a pillar of salt, this scene was
so unrealistic and so real at the same time, leaving all the
doubts, only feeling joy of the encounter.
— Wonderful, I’m Ana, thank you for the gift. Nice to meet
you and I am glad you follow your VOICE, I thought it
was just me.

They went ahead
as if they had arranged before this specific time
and the whole Universe synchronized this moment for them.

The conversation was flowing as if they were closest
friends that hadn’t seen each other for a while, and now
wanted to share so many stories.

About book

347 pages

I invite you to read this extraordinary story, which is at the same time a concrete INFORMATION on how to release the patterns of all deprivation.

How to discover ABUNDANCE and GODNESS through awakened Consciousness and living in constant FLOW.

The direct message is intertwined with the story of one woman’s transformation. This girl’s name is Ana, but you can actually insert your own there.

There are some specific phases in life that are part of TRANSFORMATION. It’s not easy for anyone at that time, but you have to know that it won’t last forever and such a spectacle of events has a huge SENSE.

PERMIT YOURSELF to the transformation of your Mind, to discover the Pure Mind of God no longer tainted by any interpretation.
Create from the space of the Heart, using the practical aspect of Mind, already freed from the programmatic negations of Wealth. Spiritual Wealth can manifest any BEAUTY in Matter. The New Dimension of Reality dispels all myths about money.

True WEALTH is the Awakening to one’s own Power and the conscious manifestation of specific visions that embrace the good of all around. Our high Energy is the key to conscious and light CREATION.

I invite you to join in this fun!

The book is published on chalkboard paper, with bookmark, soft touch hard cover, prepared in a beautiful way to enjoy all our senses from every page. It is a beautiful gift for yourself and friends. Each sentence is powerfully activating and resetting an old belief system. Be assured that no matter which page you open the book on at any given time, there is always a wonderful message for that moment.


Simply enjoy Life Here and Now, every aspect of it and every story.
Do not put philosophy into everything,
Just be completely devoted to the PRESENT moment.
Because that’s all there IS.

Because out of NOTHING comes EVERYTHING.
Everything is nothing.
And the paradox of life remains unsolved.
And the one for whom everything is a mystery disappears,
As well as the who asks.
The ANSWER remains.
Silence remains. YOU ARE.

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So you either look into your eyes and you love yourself
in everything.
Or you deny and repress everything.
Remember — you always do it to yourself.
When you know this, the tenderness towards Everything returns.

Everybody has got their own World, even though it appears
as being One because there is essentially ONE
CREATOR. What makes the world different, is the story.
Everyone has got their own story. That is the difference.
Our stories are different, but the Essence is the same.

When this ‘I’, tired of chasing its dreams,
eventually stops and discovers its direction,
crowned with a hug of Awareness,
It can rest within, at Heart.

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Visionary, poet, author of many books on spiritual and health issues. She leads deep meditations and is also a teacher of conscious breathing and activates pranic awareness. She is an experienced guide for group detoxes for body and mind, and has written many other workshops. She is a friend to many, on this apparent path to Awakening….

I am here for you. In so many different ways I create this information for you to feel it in your Heart. Each word, activates within you the memory of this Truth that we share when we awaken from these dreams of separation. I cordially invite you on this extraordinary journey into the dimensions of Love and your true Power.


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