Here is a message in hand that will prove to be a gift at every stage of your personal process. You will get so many answers and support during the so-called crises and weariness of repeating certain habits of the mind.


The books we create are made of a hard cover and a thick glossy sheet. Here is a video showing what the physical version of the book looks like. Each of the books also has an eBook version, and some of them also have an interesting audiobook.


Hard cover soft touch


Thick glossy sheets


eBook versions


A visionary, poet, author of many books on spiritual and health topics. He conducts deep meditation, is also a teacher of conscious breathing and activates pranic awareness. Experienced guide during group detoxes for the body and mind, and the author of many other workshops. He is a friend to many on this apparent path to Awakening …

I am here for you. I create this information in so many different ways so that you can feel it in your Heart. Each word activates in you the memory of that Truth that is shared by us when we wake up from these dreams of separation. I cordially invite you to this extraordinary journey into the dimensions of Love and your true Power.